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Monthly meetings handout

PBAHU’s – Aug 12, 2020 – Meet Candidates/Legislators in 2020 Election
In depth information regarding candidates/legislators.

PBAHU March 4, 2020 powerpoint
Powerpoint of March meeting

PBAHU Feb 5, 2020 powerpoint
Powerpoint of Feb 5, 2020 meeting

PBAHU Jan 8, 2020 Powerpoint
Powerpoint for Jan 8,2020 meeting

Board Documents

PBAHU Event Reimbursement
Details for event reimbursement

PBAHU April 2020 Treasurer Report
Description of income/expenses

PBAHU Feb & March 2020 Financial Report
Spreadsheet of Finances

PBAHU Jan 8, 2020 CE Presentation
Susan Luskin presentation

PBAHU Jan 8, 2020 General Meeting Minutes
Minutes of the general meeting